Quality Policy.

SNDOS is committed to conducting all its activities in a manner that ensures a high standard of quality to its services, conforms to contractual obligations, safeguards human life and health, and protects the environment. In compliance with this policy SNDOS established a Quality Management System which is to ensure:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Promotion of applicable codes of practice, procedures, 
 regulations which relate to the above matters.
  • Full compliance with local laws, rules and regulations in the
 country where SNDOS is Operating.
  • All employees are provided with procedures, guidelines
 and references to assure standardization of work, 
based on the established requirements.
  • Plan its activities in a manner that assure quality of deliverables.
  • Co-ordinate, perform, verify, and document its activities in
 accordance with established quality requirements.
  • Document the quality of the activities so the achievement can
 be demonstrated.
  • Evaluate performance through measuring achieved results
 against own targets & industry performance.
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Health Policy.

  • Our employees are team players and we are committed to conducting our
 operation in a way that minimizes risk to their health and safety.
  • The health and wellbeing of our employees is of almost importance being our most
 valued assets, therefore SNDOS will ensure adequate working environment for its
 employees through assessment, and upgrade of both work practices
 and the work place.
  • Provide health care for all our employees on and off the job.
  • Monitor work related illness and follow-up on corrective actions.

Safety Policy.

The philosophy of SNDOS to take care of our business means, looking
after our people, our equipment and the well, in that priority. This philosophy is based on the believe that people are our most valuable assets,
therefore when people are trained and competent to perform the work safely and have an effective safely management system in place. They should be able to take care of our equipments and operate it effectively and safely to provide SNDOS’s contractual obligation, and drill or work over the well without incidents. Therefore, the safety of our employees is our prime priority. SNDOS management shall support and promote a culture where:

  • Personal safety is our number one priority.
  • Safety is a personal belief and a core value.
  • Operation shall not contradict with safety- and we will have the rig management if they decide to stop work for safety reason.
  • Provide equipment that is fit use/purpose and is well maintained, and we will commit resources.
  • Provide our employees with the safe working place.
  • Train people, identify training requirements for each job and maintain a lively training matrix.
  • Assure competency of personnel.
  • Comply with the quality management system and contractual requirements.
  • Report all incidents and be transparent.
  • Uphold a safety culture that does not instigate blame, but accountability.
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Preventive Maintenance Program.

The least possible downtime is essential to both the drilling contractor and the operator. Currently SNDOS has achieved operating downtime of less than 1% of the total number of operating hours.
The preventive maintenance system, referred to as VR-2000, is a comprehensive maintenance / reporting system which includes database, data sheets, equipment history and planned maintenance / repair.
 The VR-2000 tracks the maintenance and repair cycles for every piece of equipment and has proven valuable in reducing operational downtime and maintenance costs.
Training of the rigs’ maintenance crew to provide them with the necessary knowledge & qualifications to oversee / maintain the Rig equipment
The Tool Maintenance yard is used for upkeep of specialized drilling equipment.
Complete In-House repair capabilities.
A 30,000-part inventory Warehouse is fully integrated with the company’s Local Area Network Installation.
Extensive workshop facilities for repair of rig components and transport vehicles.

Development Strategy.

SNDOS considers investing in human resources just as important as investing in rig fleet expansion. Our management system strives to create a work environment that fulfills our employee expectation and meet company objectives. Employee of the month or rig of the month reward programs and other competitive performance incentives are just some of the ways we encourage our employee to give their best.

Accounting Policies.

Financial statements are prepared in accordance with the imposition of continuity and historical cost basis. The preparation of the financial statements of the company is according to the Egyptian Accounting Standards and applicable laws and regulations and the Company pays all the taxes and dues of the National Authority for Social Insurance on a regular basis, under the supervision of the Office of the Prof /Abdul Aziz Hegazy.

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